Monte Collection

The Monte Collection is our line that has a combination of eco-friendly acetate frames and wood arms. You get a traditional sunglass style with a touch of natural wood. The Monte Collection has 4 different pair of glasses in its line with two styles each.


Westwood Sunglasses Lomond

Westwood Sunglasses Lomond blackWestwood Sunglasses Lomond Rosewood

Lomond Black Ebony                           Lomond Tortoise Rosewood



Westwood Sunglasses Dixon

Westwood Sunglasses Dixon BlackWestwood Sunglasses Dixon Redwood

Dixon Black Ebony                                Dixon Black Redwood



Westwood Sunglasses Rae

Westwood Sunglasses Rae BlackWestwood Sunglasses Rae White

Rae Black Ebony                                     Rae White Beechwood



Westwood Sunglasses

Westwood Sunglasses Teague Westwood Sunglasses Teague Redwood

Teague Grey Ebony                             Teague Brown Redwood


Westwood Sunglasses Monte collection



6 Steps For Planning Your Summer Vacation NOW

January might not seem like the ideal travel time, but it is a great time to start planning for your summer vacation. Check out these steps so you can be prepared for an amazing stress-free vacation:

Step 1: Decide Where You Want To Go And For How Long

This can be the hardest part. Do you head to the beach, discover a new city, explore a national park, hit the amusement parks or take an adventure in the mountains? Whatever it may be, pick something and pick the amount of time you will be gone. This will help you be able to know what to budget for.

Step 2: Plan A Budget

It’s time to do a little research. Are you planning to fly, drive, camp, stay in a hotel, take an tour, enjoy the attraction, eat out etc? Check out how much things cost so you can get an idea on how much you need to save and prepare for. Knowing will allow you to estimate how much money you’ll need for your trip. If this seems overwhelming, you can always find a travel agent to help:

Step 3: Work And Save

This is an important step. Paying for the trip without going into debt helps make the trip even more enjoyable. Make a conscious effort to watch your pennies. You don’t always need that extra coffee or the candy bar at the checkout aisle. Cut back where you can so you can put the extra towards your trip.

Check out this post about  22 Ways to Cut Your Expenses and Save for Travel for some creative ways to cut your day-to-day expenses.

Step 4: Look For Deals

Okay, you’re inspired, prepared, and on your way to saving money for your trip. But before you go buy that flight or book that hotel, check for deals you might have missed. Download travel apps on your phone so you can get notified when flights go down or discounts come available. Always be on the watch. Some deal websites and apps worth checking out:

Step 5: Pack

Depending on where you are going will depend on what you need to pack. Check out these great sites for awesome travel packing checklists: (and don’t forget your Westwood Sunglasses)

Step 6: Go And Enjoy

The work is done and the fun is just starting. Go on your trip and live it up! Head to the airport, board your plane (don’t forget your passport!), and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You’ve worked hard to get here.


It's been awhile!

It has definitely been awhile since we have posted on our blog. We are ready to dust off the corners of this space and bring you some great deals, information, and updates on all the happenings with Westwood and the awesome adventures out there. 

Timbermine Collection: Union Preview

Westwood Sunglasses - Timbermine Collection - The Union

Introducing the Union of the Timbermine Collection. Features include:

  • Super lightweight titanium front
  • Ebony arms
  • Polorized lenses
  • Flexible Hinges 

The Union arrives Tuesday, May 31st to Kickstarter. Join the crowd and be one of the first to rock the Timbermine Collection this Summer!

Westwood Sunglasses - Timbermine Collection - The Union

Westwood Sunglasses - Timbermine Collection - The Union

Westwood Sunglasses - Timbermine Collection - The Union