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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, the checkout process will automatically adjust for international shipping.

When do you ship?

We fulfill orders three times per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. If your order is placed prior to 4:00 PM on those days, they will go out first thing the following morning. If your order is placed after 4:00 PM on those days, your order will go out with the next fulfillment batch. 

Do your sunglasses float?

Yes, wood floats except for a few expectations as each pair is uniquely different.  Sunglasses made of bamboo tend to be the best floaters while ebony wood and rosewood tend to be the best sinkers. 

Can my sunglasses survive extreme heat or cold?

We don’t recommend using your sunglasses as firewood.  Aside from that, the company is located in Ogden, Utah where we are able to consistently test the sunglasses in a wide variety of climates.  We have yet to see sunglasses ruined by weather.  However, we recommend keeping your sunglasses in reasonable conditions as a best practice.  

Are wood sunglasses durable?

Keep in mind that wood is a different material than metal or plastic and should be treated as such. If you take good care of your Westwood Sunglasses, your Westwood Sunglasses will take good care of you. 

Where are your sunglasses manufactured?

As a small business, we rely on international manufacturers to make Westwood Sunglasses a reality. As we grow, we are hopeful to bring manufacturing locally while maintaining high-quality sunglasses at a reasonable price.