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    Westwood Sunglasses was launched with crowd-funding in mind and a promise that every signature collection would be released through crowd-funding at wholesale pricing before price increases hit for retail.

    The crowd has responded.

    In November 2014, the brand was successfully launched on Indiegogo. Six months later, backers made the Tribal Collection one of the most backed sunglasses lines in Kickstarter history.

    June 2016


    Timbermine Collection

    Inspired by the rugged Rocky Mountains we call home, the Timbermine Collection features four new frames made of titanium and wood. The new design adds strength to the frame while maintaining the feather-light weight and unique style Westwood is known for.

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    June 2015

    Tribal Collection
    The Tribal Collection features five new frames inspired by art from cultures worldwide. Each stems from unique designs found in modern and ancient societies. We'll let them speak for themselves. 

    Tribal Collection: Temple


    Still interested in the Tribal Collection? Click here to view selection.


    November 2014

    Westwood Sunglasses
    On the Wasatch Front of the Rocky Mountains, things are epic. The snow runs deep in the winter and the lakes stay glassy in the summer. Our four seasons bring an average of 265 days jam packed with sun and all the outdoor recreation starts at 4,500 feet above sea level and up. So the need is simple; a go anywhere, do anything pair of shades in the battle against UV rays... with an emphasis on looking fresh.

    Westwood Sunglasses Paddleboarding Westwood Sunglasses Longboarding Westwood Sunglasses Biking


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