Timbermine Sunglasses

Brought to life by backers like you, Westwood Sunglasses was launched on the promise that every signature collection would be released through crowd-funding at wholesale pricing before price increases hit for retail.

The crowd has responded.

In November 2014, the brand successfully launched on Indiegogo. Six months later, Kickstarter backers made Westwood Sunglasses one of the most backed sunglasses lines in crowd-funding history.

We’re now back again to introduce the new Timbermine Collection:

Aurora Sunglasses

Westwood Sunglasses - Timbermine Collection - The Union Banner

Inspired by the rugged Rocky Mountains we call home, the Timbermine Collection is made of titanium and wood. The new design adds strength to the frame while maintaining the feather-light weight and unique style Westwood is known for.

We need your help to fund the initial costs needed to bring this new line to life. To do so, we’re excited to once again extend special backer prices of over 50% off to you through Kickstarter.  As a supporter, you will be one of the very first to rock the Timbermine shades while knowing you helped make them possible.

Join the the crowd this summer and rock some Westwoods!